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In this discussion: Please upload the images (4-6) of your work on your monster suit by Midnight (12AM PDT) Thursday, September 6th, (Latest Friday Morning). So Ted has time to asses your work and prepare as helpful a critique as possible. :)

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  • Gotcha. Do we need to have those items in hand during the discussion time? Only asking because I'll be working in my office in Tokyo, but joining the discussion from home (as the time difference won't allow anyone in the office that late at night). I'll bring home what I can but don't see carrying a big foam monster on the train during Tokyo rush hour... ^_^
  • James we just need photos posted here. You don't need to bring the suit home.
  • What is the clay board? Our maquette?


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    sorry peter that was copy pasta I fixed it. I meant your monster suit
  • so, i've got a scanner/printer and instead of taking my cutouts to a FedEx, I just blew it up in photoshop to the size I needed and printed on A4 and taped them together. Hopefully this won't mess up tooooo badly. ^_~
  • Great idea James. We do the same often at the shop. We have a huge plotter printer.
  • Gave it a go, and here it is. The head anywho. Worked like a charm, just not sure if it's big enough. Feels good, don't need the helmet I originally got for it, but in the end will wait till the body is done to see if I want the head bigger. It was such a simple design, that it only took a few hours. I put the pieces together and even stuck in some temporary ears. So far, so good.

    Mannequin should be here tomorrow or so (cost 110 bucks here for a used one — and that was cheap) so I'll start on the stomach, neck and shoulders tomorrow.
  • That looks great James. But it does look a bit small. Maybe 20-30% larger.
  • Progress thus far. Ted what are your thoughts on the heads jaw and articulation. I have the jaw bone connected with the bottom, should I have connected it to the top? Just trying to figure the best way to connect it for articulation.
  • So it will pivot at the back of the lower jaw or up high behind the cheek? It looks like it should pivot low.
  • Thanks Ted. I will rethink it. So while I'm thinking I started work on the frame.
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    TROY! You are completely kicking Butt!!!
  • I wasn't able to work tonight everyone. So nothing to show. I've had a flood of AIR CONDITIONING repairmen through my house. 105 today and my unit blew up!!! I'll have new stuff tomorrow.
  • I unfortunately will be gone for the forth week. So I challenged myself to finish in three weeks and get that certificate! LOL It will not be easy but I will go down swinging.
  • Sorry about the ac issues, hate when that happens.
  • Ted great call on the backpack rig, I was given this one this week.
  • Got the mannequin, but its a Japanese body type (meaning I had to duct-tape a lot of the foam cut offs to the arms and shoulder on one side to get it bulky enough to even come close to making this shirt be a tight fit like it is on me. Got it "bulkier" but not quite there. We shall see, we shall see. Stomach went on all right.
    Tomorrow the other shoulder and chest.
  • Funny thing is, this mannequin is so skinny that even with the stomach on, it looks like I do normally...

    Ted, should I just go ahead and just add a whole lot of bulk to this mannequin now to get it up to my size before I do any more work? I'm afraid its going to make things really "off" if I don't.
    Sorry to hear about the air conditioner. 105... yikes
  • Hey James,
    Looks great! Why don't you wait till it dries and then try it on and see what (if any) adjustments need to be made.
  • Yes James. I would bulk up the form to match you. But looking very good. Did you size up the head?
  • Had to order more foam to do the head. No pieces big enough to do it yet, but have more arriving tomorrow (I hope).
  • It looks like you're working in a small space... I hope it's well vented :)
  • Well I didn't get to do any more patterning this evening- I made a mannequin instead which is half stuffed so far. So the only foam piece I have is the tummy. Since the class starts at 5pm over here, I hope I'll get some more done by then.
  • Here is where I am at so far. I am going to start cutting the tail out of 8in foam tonight with the electric carving knife..
  • Ciara, great job with the mannequin. Some times you need to stop your work in order to do something to make the work better and easier. In your case, I'm sure the mannequin is worth it. Keep forging ahead.
  • Michael, great use of that technique. Just a little texture will make all of those forms pop. Good job.

  • Bulked up my mannequin — which had to be the strangest thing the staff here had ever seen. One of the girls said, "you aren't that big..." but when I patted my stomach and turned to the side, she said, "maybe more here too," pointing to the mannequin's butt...

    Anywho, I put the shoulders on and redid the head (got my foam!!!) but then the office wanted more shoulder and a HUGE back, so I just carved these out of block foam trying my hand at that technique.
    The neck will be attached to the head and fit over the shoulders and velcro to the shirt layer, I'm thinking. So, with gloves, it will be a 4 piece suit.

    Ciara, GREAT mannequin! Very well done! Michael, your dude is looking so cool, I am excited to see it finished.
  • Hey Ted,
    So I ran out of Barge. I was able to cut out all the patterns- it took 20 yards of 1" Upholstery and I went with L200 (Playmats) for the top half of the body. I finished the head (side view and front view), the forearm, one half if the belly, back shoulder blade, and the while bottom half of the body structure. When I ran out of Barge I built a stand :) I plan on buying more glue tomorrow and finishing off the rest so I'll have the full structure done by Saturday.
  • I put the while bottom- suppose to be the whole bottom half is complete with belly which I will strap to the top when I complete the top tomorrow.
  • Great work everyone!
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