Supplier's in the UK / Europe

Hi all, I'm a new student in the UK and I'm really enjoying loading up on the amazing knowledge the school has to offer. 

Are there any other students in the UK on here? I'd like some recommendations for suppliers for the following:

Air brushes, compressors and recommended paints

Casting and mold making chemical suppliers (silicone, releases etc)

Chavant is pretty readily available so that's cool and I've hit up John @thelimbusorb for an eyeball molding kit which is really cool.

Any links or numbers would be appreciated and I thought I'd post in here in case the results are useful for other people in the same boat


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    Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
    Hey Steve,

    look at  http://www.formx.eu/ 

    They have all you will need ;-)

    I often buy Ultracal 30 or Dental Products there. 

    Theyre delivering into the UK, too.

    Greets from Germany

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    edited January 2020
    Hi Kai, i saw you enquired about where to buy hydrocal. Some one recommened cystacal which we can buy here. Have you ever tried it in place of hydrocal for mold making and latex casting?

    EDIT: Looks like crystacal IS the alternative in Europe as can be seen here


    Brand names are a pain!
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    UK types: I've been told by Neills Materials that Herculite is actually what you should use for hydrocal in this country. It can be found online
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