Hellvis costume

Hi there! 

This month I created....
Hellvis Presley!

- I sculpted the face appliances in monster clay (yay for trying to get a small chin looking like an 'elvis-chin' and changing the shape of a face), molded them in Crystacal and did a foam latex cast. I then painted it with PAX in a red undertone to make Hellvis look somewhat alive. Teeth stain is by MouthFX and omygod, it is so awesome! 
- The wig is one I found in a costume shop here, which I customised a bit more to look less shiny/plastic and to show the piece of skull a bit more.
- The costume was a onesie I found at a shop in size XXXXL, which was made smaller at the waist, legs and shoulders, and cut into seperate pants and jacket. Made a pretty belt to go onto it, added some color and blood, and... 
Tadaaaam! Hellvis was born!

Happy late halloween!


    He's just feeling a bit sick :-) 
  • Like usual professional artwork from Liglinister! 
  • Great artwork! I actually saw your costume in an interview for the news on a story covering the FACTS convention.. LOVED it!

  • “When I first saw you with your smile so tender, my heart was captured, my soul surrendered.”
    Ever so lovely, a delight to behold.
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