SPFX Job Opportunity in SEATTLE, W.A

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Hello Stan Winston Form!

SPFX Artist working for the University of Washington currently we are looking to hire another SPFX Artist onto our growing diverse team. We're looking for someone with an advanced fabrication background and artistic eye for human anatomy.

If interested please apply below or send resume/portfolio to [email protected]

Brief Job Description:

CREST (University of Washington)
is looking for a simulation artist/researcher to join our team! This is a temp project appointment position (with the possibility of transitioning to permanent after a year). If you have specialized skills in sculpture/fine arts/fabrication and can demonstrate expertise in a wide range of processes in modeling such as casting, silicone manipulation, plaster, and epoxy molds, extrinsic painting, 3D printing, CAD and use of hand and power tools, etc. we'd love to consider you!

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    Hello Erin,
    2 of my students are looking for SPFX internships in Seattle. Can they send a group portfolio (with the contributions mentioned separately)? Some of their works are exposed in the Savini Gallery (Student Galleries) - animatronics category.

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    Hi Grant! That would be fantastic!

     If you would like to email me your contact information we can keep in touch about future students that would be interested in internships @UWCREST. My email is [email protected] 

    Thank you again for reaching out!
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