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Hi everybody!

I have searched through the forums and could not find anything here. Is there a way to view webpages on a device like Roku, kodi? I prefer watching them on TV than my computer but can't find a successful solution. There is a Youtube channel on Roku, but there's no way to log in to actual websites. Any plans for a Stan Winston channel maybe?
Download Mobdro - online tv here:
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  • I've not tried with Roku, but I know with Chromecast or Apple TV I can stream a browser tab or the screen to the TV, which is great.  Because our content is subscription based there are challenges with setting up a Roku channel.  Thankfully other devices do help view the content on a TV though. Hopefully Roku will offer screen mirroring or device streaming to catch up.

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    New subscriber here. Would you happen to know if logging in with a newer tv browser or say Xbox web browser will stream? Either way I’m gonna try as soon as I get home. Thanks 

    ok tried it plays fine on an Xbox 
    time to dig out the clay. 
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  • As long as you are logged into our site as a subscribe and your TV/device can support HTML5/JavaScript and is compatible with the video player framework we use it should work.  That said, some video players only support specific browsers/devices so your experience may vary.  But it's worth giving a shot!

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