How do you make easy animatronic eyes for a mask or prop?

I saw the cool winner of the character makeup contest and thought it would be cool to add some animatric blinking eyes. Do you have a course how to make them for a usage like mine?

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  • Hi Maximilian,

    here is a cool course, which shows the eye- animatronic from a to z.

  • Cool thanks!!!
  • But what for really special products would I need for this? I am very new to electronics and do not know anything about it... 3d printer, electric wire, screws...
  • Hi Maximilian, 

    We understand that you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by the complexity of the project, but learning to model and print parts on a hobby level 3D printer will be less expensive and far easier than investing in the machinery you would need to create the parts entirely out of metal.

    We suggest you watch the lesson first to get an overview about what is required, and then make a decision about whether or not you want to take the leap and invest in the materials you will need. Hope that helps! 

    All the best, 

  • Ok, yes k also thought of just watching it and I definitely gonna watch it!!
    its just an entire new project with modeling on the computer and working with electronic and I heard that 3D printers are very expensive. But it would be more than cool to bring something like that into a prop or mask if this works:)
    i also heard that someone sells these part that you don’t have to model and print them... did you hear about that

    good Evening in Los Angeles 
  • cool thanks!! I will try it out!

  • Okidoki thanks 
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