Can istream live courses also in Austria?

I reserved a seat to the next live course, but later read the faq and saw that you cannot stream them in germany. I live in austria /Europe
Is it really not possible to watch it there? Austria would be 9 hours later than Los Angeles time, so the time of the course wouldn't be a problem:)


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    Hi Maximilian, We stream our Live Courses on YouTube. So if you've been able to watch live YouTube events in the past than you shouldn't have any trouble joining the live course. But if you are unable to watch YouTube Live Streams then you will unfortunately not be able to join us.

    That being said, all of our Live Courses eventually make it to our On-Demand Course library so if you can't watch live, you will be able to view later.

    Hope you're having a great weekend, 

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    Okay, no I think it should work, I saw some live videos but don't know if I were really live because non of my questions or comments got answered😂 anyways thanks Matt, you too have a great weekend and night (in LA ,day, I guess):)
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    Yep, still day here in Los Angeles. You live in the future. ;) -Matt

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    haha:D now its day here in Graz.
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