Problem’s making realistic eyes

Hello, I have a problem finding the right materials to use for my realistic eyes. I have been using dental acrylic from Burman industries for my core eye, I like the fast casting ,but I don’t like the color of the acrylic.I then cast the clear coat in clear dental acrylic and place it in a pressure pot to reduce bubbles(still have some micro bubbles) I have heard that Jet Lang has different shade acrylic powder, I would like to get my eyes to look more off white than the yellow tint I’m getting from my acrylic.I’m also trying a new clear coat technique, using epoxacast 690 from smooth on, but it has a 24 hr cure time.If you have any better ideas on materials please let me know,I’m getting tired of wasting time and money on reject eyes. Thanks


  • Your timing couldn't be better for this question, John! We just released Part 1 of John Cherevka's Epoxy Eyeballs course! He walks you through his new process step-by-step and you will get incredible results.

    Check it out here:

    Part 2 releases next month!

    Happy Sunday, 

  • Hi Matt, After purchasing two other of John Cherevka’s eye videos, I took your advise and bought the new John Cherevka video on epoxy eyes. As always John does a great job finding new ways to improve his craft, but the need for so many pieces of equipment isn’t so practical for me. I finally just purchased a pressure pot, and now I find out I have to buy a smaller one to fit into an oven. I made some eyes out of the 690 resin and it did work after a longer cure time (48hrs) with only the use of my pressure pot. I still have to paint and clear coat. Waiting for part 2. I do have a question about the resin John uses in his master molds, he said it was epoxy cast 630? My Smooth-On store carries no such resin, did he mean 650? It seems to be the only black resin he described. I found John’s Instagram page, and would really like to purchase some items from him, but I’m having trouble finding where to order on the page. My wife is the better computer user, but even she is stumped. Any help with these questions would be appreciated. I hope one day I could make it out to California to a Monster Palooza or even get a peek inside legacy effects and meet both you and John, I have so many questions to ask, but would rather talk face to face than type them.
  • Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
    Hey John :-)

    John used the Expoxacast 690 clear and tinted it with pigments for the eyeballs.
    As pigments, you can buy the Smooth on "So strong" pigments for PU and Epoxy products.
    They work very well. You dont need to buy 12 of these single pots: they offer an example package with all colors- 20 grams of Pigments each in a Tube. (Trust me, the 20 grams will last forever, hihi)
    If you want to order something on Johns Limbusorb Instapage, you have to send a direct PM to Limbusorb.



  • Thanks, for chiming in Kai! You took the words right out of my mouth. :) Hope that advice helps, John. And please post pics of your epoxy eyes when they're finished! -Matt
  • You can also ask John directly through his Instagram page, (via DM). He's a great guy. And, when he has the time to reply, he can be a lifesaver to art problems you might have. But, as should be expected, be respectful and polite. He is a very busy artist, but he tries to reply as best he can within what little free time he has. If he doesn't reply immediately, just be patient. He WILL try to respond as soon as he can.
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