Where are the life courses?

I have the yearly subscribtion so I would get live courses fo free, so I asked where th elive courses are, because I am afraid to miss it... I read that they are on the courses page but I can't see any sign of live courses there anytime...

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    Matt WinstonMatt Winston Admin
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    Welcome to our creative family, Maximilian. I know you're going to enjoy attending our Live Online Courses! -Matt


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    Hi Maximilian,

    On average we shoot 12 live course days per year. You've missed the first bunch this year, but before the end of the year you will have the opportunity to attend two new live courses 1)"Water-Based Painting for Props & FX" in October, and another course TBD in November or early December. We will be making an announcement when they are open for enrollment in our Newsletter so stay tuned! -Matt
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    Thanks Matt! Very honored to get a response from you!
    Now I got it:)
    I am very excited for them.

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    Thank you so much:D
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