Ted Haines Body cast on the cheap Heres Fluffy D!!!! I learned a lot after I watched it

I learned a lot of tips & tricks after I watched the video. I had already made one the year before. I didnt want to stuff it with newspaper like so many I've seen. I wasn't sure just how solid the Smooth-on Foam-it 3 would be so I used some aluminum flat stock from Menards, I made a PVC frame orginally but after placing it inside I realized I didn't match the normal angles hence the aluminum. Bent right angles to secure the parts. I didn't realize until just before I bought the video when I was working on a Shredder costume that I wouldn't be able to get a suit on & off of it. After watching I learned about sectioning parts to make them removable. I also wish I would've put several layers of tape on it to make it more durable when pouring the foam.
 I sealed the openings up & started to pour the foam in in small batches so as to control any blow outs. All in all I'm pretty happy with Fluffy D. Also left the tape on him & my 8 Y/O has used him to climb on. Speaks a lot for the durability.


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    Great job!  I really want to try one of these out.  I've done the old school duct tape dummies a few times in the past, and this process looks a lot nicer!

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    Thanks Chris.
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    I've mentioned this one to a few friends and they were certainly impressed by the idea.
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