Darrin Plak

Not sure if this is the right spot to post this.   Heres 3 different attempts at doing head casts. First 2 were with Alginate. Definite learning curve. Worked it to long & it ended up setting before we could get it applied. Second attempt at the full head didn't get keys in it so it didnt want to stay in the jacket so I could cast the positive. Third attempt used Smooth-On Body double. Both fast & regular. Holy cow the fast sets up so quick you hardly have time to get a good mix. Had some air pockets that we didnt know about until the positive came out. Used Hydrocal to cast the positive & burlap. Make sure you have plenty of help and friends you can trust while your under there. My wife, The blonde, told me she was so nervous. I also had one person pretty much dedicated to airway detail.



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