Laying hair with Telesis?

I an currently on Day 2 of filling a beard on an actor who is at about a 2 in length. I tried spirit gum and it was so messy so I switched Telesis and while it all worked it was just for 1 last scene.  I have to do it again and today and have about 20 minutes...wondering what is preferred in terms of adhesive now a days......  I watched the tutorial on here and I had never heard of the prosaid  option.  Feeling very overwhelmed!!


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    Hi Brenda, 

    Here's some advice from our amazing teacher and master hair artist Michael Ornelaz:

    I would use matte pros-aide cream. It's a tricky thing to do with any adhesives but this is generally my go to. It's a creamy consistency that can be applied with a spatula very sparingly then lay the hair in. It holds well but will take a bit longer to remove. Never easy filling an existing beard.

    Hope that helps! 

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    Thank you Matt!  I will certainly try that.  I'm guessing nyrstate for removal?  
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    Hi Brenda,

    Regarding removal, see below for some more excellent advice from Michael Ornelaz. Good luck! -Matt

    Isopropyl Myristate will just make pros-aide gooey. I would use 244. It's an oil-based solvent. Take a powder puff and soak the beard allowing the solvent to absorb into the pros-aide cream. Continue to soak and massage the pros-aide out. Carefully use a teasing comb and run it through the beard gently. Continue this process till clean. Take your time. Have a couple of warm towels ready to help the actor feel better about the process. Add some lavender oil on the towel as a nice treat. Again, take your time and don't get frustrated. Hope this helps. Best of luck and would love to see the results. p.s. Go sparingly with the pros-aide cream when applying!
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