I am completely out of my realm on creating a mechanical device, but I am willing to give it a college try. I would like to create a Pinocchio nose that grows. I recently watched the Richard Landon, Cable Basics tutorial for some inspiration. I have a basic concept of what I need/want to do, but am having trouble developing it out further. In this video this is what I would like to accomplish  at 3:20. I think I understand the mechanics of it, but am unsure of where to start and what materials will help me accomplish my goal.


  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    Seems like there are a couple ways you could pull off that effects.  The simplest would be a push/pull cable that can push out the telescopic sections and pull them back.

    Another way would be a threaded rod mounted on a continuous rotation servo or stepper motor, controlled by a micro-controller/RC transmitter/etc.

    Bit hard to tell what design they are using, but it does look like it rotates a bit as it extends/retracts.


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    I watched another video, and found this.  A push/pull cable over the head between the eyes.  Chris E. was all over it.

  • Thank you all for your awesome guidance! Th So grateful to be a part of this community!

  • I have a schematic but how do I assemble a push pull?

  • Chris EllerbyChris Ellerby Los Angeles Admin
    A bicycle brake cable assembly (metal cable inside a housing) is the main thing you would need for a simple push/pull.

    One end would go inside the nose and attach to the tip of the nose, and the other end could be operated with almost anything that can push and pull the cable far enough to get the range of performance you want.

  • What about a simple blow tube? Blow through a tube & it extends, suck the air it retracts.

  • Darrin P.  - Blow tube, are you thinking actor operated?   You would have to seal the telescoping tube sections so that when they retracted you wouldn't lose the air tight area. Then you could seal it to the actors nose....ooh that could be a problem. :smiley: 

    Katie K. - Could be a simple setup like this. Servo with a fixed bracket to hold the cable sleeve. Longer movement might require some sort of cylinder feed.

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