How to approach fx studios?

Hi everyone, 
I work as an Art teacher in public school, but when night comes, I become a creature maker, designing, sculpting and painting my own creations. I want to make my passion a full time dayjob. Today, I really want to jump in and start to look for a job in the monster making industry and I have a few questions about that.
First of all, what kind of job a monster designer and sculptor can get? What are the different possibilities for me to live from my sculptures, beyond the cinema industry? I live in France, and sculpting monsters is not very common and popular here... I have to admit that I don't really know how to start my job search.

I've just finished to select pictures of my work for my portfolio, but I don't know which form I should give to it. Especially if I send it by e-mail. What organism should I contact, and how can I do it?

I know there is a lot of questions here, but if someone has some answers or advices to provide, it would be really helpfull for me!!



  • Hi Barthe, 

    Unlike a traditional career as a doctor or lawyer or tradesman, there's not a straight path to becoming a professional monster maker. Every journey is unique.

    Fortunately, there are many ways to fulfill your passion. You don't have to work in films or television to create creatures and characters.

    Here's a few other career possibilities for someone who enjoys making monsters:
    • Action-Figure, Toy and Collectibles Industry
    • Live Themed Entertainment (Walking with Dinosaurs, etc.)
    • Amusement Park Character Maker
    • Haunt Attractions
    • Mask Making Industry
    Regarding your portfolio, you should be able to share it in both physical and digital form, and you can format it however you like. It's basically a slideshow of your work, so you can customize however you want to present it. The key is that you show ONLY your best work, and hopefully work that proves your passion and the range of your artistic ability.

    While there are FX shops all around the world, we are located in Los Angeles so we are most familiar with our local FX shops. You'll find a list of them below:
    FINALLY, we happen to have a course series that covers this topic in depth!! It's by veteran creature creator Shannon Shea and it's called Garage Monsters. You can check out all 3 parts below: 
    Hope that helps and good luck with your new adventure,

  • Barthe FlorianBarthe Florian France ✭✭
    Thank you so much Matt!! I will seriously work on it!
    And maybe when my portfolio is done, I could send it to have your opinion about it? By "you", I mean someone of your team, I know you're a busy man. 
    Thank you again for your answer, it's really helpfull and important for me, I'm currently like entering into my life's crusade to make my passion my dayjob! I'm ready to do everything I have to do, including moving into another country.
    I will continue to post on the forum, hope we meet there again,

  • Hey Barthe, 

    Glad to be of help. It's always exciting for us to see an artist make the decision to pursue their passion full time.

    Definitely feel free to share your portfolio when it's done and we'll be happy to give you our feedback on it.

    Until then, wishing you all the best from your creative family at Stan Winston School!


  • Barthe FlorianBarthe Florian France ✭✭
    Thank you for your words, it's really motivating for me! 
    I 'll keep you in touch and defenitely will do the best I can!

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