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    That looks great, Collier! Digging that mole. I'm meeting my model to trace her face on Friday.  I'll post my photos then!
    Can't wait to see everyone's work.
  • Thanks Sue! I'm also looking farward to everybody's makeups! Hope everything goes well!
  • Great pieces collier!  Love the textures and I second Sue's comment on the mole!

  • Those look great, Collier!  Thirding what everyone else has said. Are you still working on yourself?

    I meet my model tomorrow to do my tracings and I'll be sculpting over the weekend.
  • Yea I'm still working on myself Kaoime. So excited to see what everyone does!
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    It must have been hard to do the tracings, lol.
  • Eh sort of I suppose, I thought it was easy, but I'm used to applying makeups on myself.
  • I am as well, but when I did a full zombie two piece prosthetic on myself at CMS the students all freaked out that I did it on myself, lol.

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    That's awesome! Haha it's fun to make up yourself after doing makeups on other people.
  • I agree ;).
  • Hey hey guys. Collier, those pieces look wonderful! well done. I can't wait to see what they look like on. I have a question if you guys know the answer: When did Niel use the Naptha? I have been going over the videos but I can't find when. I'm looking because I can't find it here in Australia, and I was hoping that it might be something I could substitute. Any ideas?
  • He said it could be used a thinner for the super baldiez, I believe (my notes are in my office and I'm at home). The bottle I have says it can be thinned with acetone.
  • Awesome. That was what I was thinking... I'm also having trouble with the Super Baldiez too... ha ha. So it may end up being unnecessary for either.  I'll make it work. Thank you Kaoime!!!
  • You're welcome. When I get to work tomorrow morning I'll check my notes and make sure I'm giving you the right information.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong but lighter fluid contains some naphtha in it. Maybe that can be a substitute. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, but I know it can be used in making clay slurries
  • I just use IPA for clay slurries. When I took Don Lanning's course, he was very proactive about getting away from as many toxic chemicals as possible when there were safer alternatives that worked just as well ;).
  • Looking great Collier! I think you may want to extend the skin pores onto the blending edge a bit more - if there is no texture on the blending edge, it may draw attention as it transitions to the skin. Excited to see how this comes out.

    Regarding naptha, I think it is primarily used as a solvent for the clay, not for the super Baldiez. Super Baldiez is thinking with 99% IPA and regular Baldiez is thinned with Acetone, although I have heard of cutting the Super Baldiez with a blend of IPA and Acetone before. I would definitely minimize the amount of direct skin contact with naptha, nasty stuff. It can be used to thin the petroleum release too (from one of Neill's videos). The only mention of naptha I remember was in regards to making a clay slurry for raised bumps on the sculpt - but it was an epic day and may have missed it.
  • Thanks for the input Mike! And yea maybe, ill have to rewatching to see. Haha
  • You're totally right, Mike. I was misremembering - it was the petroleum release I was thinking of. That's what I get for posting in the wee hours of the morning in the middle of a bout of insomnia, lol.
  • I hope that you don't mind that I add my sculpt to the same thread - my model wants to be Malificent for Halloween but is afraid of getting a lifecast, so this technique works great so far - five minutes, didn't even need to use glue. Another sculpt coming tomorrow before molding. I have a little "skin swatch book" of Fuse FX colors to help match the base tone of the skin. Made a few tools out of acupuncture needles (thanks Neill) for different sized pore tools and general skin texture. Knocked it all down with 99% IPA and then hit the edges with Naptha to have a clean edge. Only about a 1/4 inch thick at the peak.
  • Kaoime MalloyKaoime Malloy ✭✭✭
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    They look great, Mike. I just got my tracings done yesterday, so I'll be sculpting this weekend :)
  • Awesome pieces mike!
  • Here are my pieces in progress. I need to do a little more thinning (especially on the right piece) and then I think I'm ready to start my texture. What do you guys think about the eye wrinkles? I marked the placement on my model, but I'm not sure if I want to keep them in the prosthetic piece, or just use the wrinkle stipple to create these for exact placement and movement. Bear in mind they haven't been smoothed or textured yet ;)

  • Hey Kaoime,
    I think that these are looking good. My initial impression was that the forehead was too thin, but looking back at the video Neill's was pretty thin as well. I am just concerned that the areas where the glass is showing through could potentially cause the delicate prosthetic to tear, since it is just a thin layer of cap plastic holding it together. However, since it is staying in the mold until application, you may be OK. 

    Regarding the crows feet, I think that stipple may be better. There are usually crows feet above the lower eyelid as well, so I think the transition  in the prosthetic would give away the edge of the prosthetic. Here is a photo reference (great portrait book Wisdom by Andrew Zuckerman - www.wisdombook.org/) to show what I mean.

    That said, I think that this whole process welcomes experimentation, so try it out!
  • Thanks for the feedback, Mike. That's how I'm leaning with the wrinkles too. I wanted to try them in the sculpt because the initial demo in the preview had them and they're very natural in my model; but my experience is that the movement there is key to the overall effect of the makeup. I'm working from both a reference shot of the model, an age makeup I've done on him with just alcohol colors and wrinkle stipple, as well as other basic age reference images to keep the anatomy in place, but it's not the same as having his lifecast here.

    I'm stepping away from the sculpts tonight for the very reason you mentioned regarding thinness. After working with them for a couple of hours I want to take a look at the forehead when I'm fresh again and evaluate it and decide if I need to add some more clay.

    I'll check out the link you shared. Thanks :smile: 
  • Hi Folks - sorry I'm a bit late to the party!  Just quickly skimming questions; Yup the naphtha is for both cleaning moulds (but mine came out pretty clean) and for using to brush down sculpts (but also I use IPA when I want less softening) and making clay slurry. Not much opportunity for that time wise on this one but it was there ready. You DON'T use it in your super baldiez. IPA for that or add some acetone to IPA if you want to make it flash off quicker. Don't use neat acetone though as it can make the super balder go lumpy. It needs the alcohol to keep it fluid.
  • Kaoime MalloyKaoime Malloy ✭✭✭
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    Here are my finished sculpts. Much more refined with corrected thicknesses throughout and final textures. I'm hoping to do my molds tomorrow night.

  • awesome piece Kaoime, I just molded my pieces.

  • To prevent confusion, I posted my photos in a separate thread b/c I had lots of photos.  Would love your feedback/thoughts etc.

    Mike - What kind of wires are those in your wrinkle tools? I like them!  I also like your photo quality.  What kind of camera are you using?

    Kaoime - I like that forehead and the moles. I agree with Mike.  I think you should just use the old age stipple, but it depends on how old your character will be.  I'm a bit uneasy myself with the eye area, so I'm not going to age drastically and just use stipple where applicable.  I have Mungle's Old Age Stipple "C" and not "A" as Neill used.  Are you doing to do a character makeup or just old age?  

    Collier - What material is that? If it is silicone, what kind did you end up using?

    Hope to see more photos from everyone.  Thanks for sharing and posting!

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    Hey Sue!
    I ended up using the platsil gel 10 for the prosthetics, but for the mold I used a tin based sulicone from monster makers
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