My GOT inspired Dragon puppet from nowhere....

Here are a few shots of my (on going) dragon, shoulder puppet....I just finished most of the head, carved from upholstery foam over a foam board skull, sprayed with scarlet fabric dye and then sprayed with 1 can of rubber seal, then painted and highlighted with gray and ivory acrylic paints. The eyes are my inserts covered with snake skin spandex for lids. I have since added a bitless bridle of gold chain secured by nose ring. Eventually, it will have a movable jaw with balsa wood teeth and EVA foam tongue. 

My problem is that I am not sure how to design or attach a body to him....I want to steer away from a fur suit and instead use the snake skin spandex as a covering for the serpentine body, (with small wings) at around 9 to 10' long. This means that I have to use a different strategy for the body than I would using fur....

Does the puppet class cover anything like this?

Let me know what you think, Thanks!


  • Maybe make a flat negative scale mold on drywall with a drillmole and brush latex on it to get a skin.
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