Silicone encapsulation question

Hi there!
I am hoping someone can help out with answering this question.
In the tutorial on running silicone encapsulated appliances - Cory used a glue layer as a bonding layer between the baldiez and the plasticized silicone.. Anyone know exactly what he used in this sprayed layer?
I have had issues in the past with de-lamination and this bonding layer trick would probably help a lot. I have done a bonding layer of pros-aid and flocking.. But the spayed application would be a lot quicker and most likely more effective.
Thanks so much for any feedback!

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    I'll reach out and see if we can get that info for you!

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    Thanks Chris!
    Greatly appreciated!
    Can't wait to find out what he used.
    Like I said - I am sure it will be a very useful time saver :)
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    We are waiting to hear back from Cory (who is super busy at the moment), and will post his response once it comes in.

    In the meanwhile my best guess would be Telesis 5 thinned down for spraying, as it's the most popular adhesive for silicone.

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    Thanks Chris!
    I will do some experimentation.. I figured it was either Telesis or thinned caulking. I just wanted to find out what Corey had used.
    Thanks for the responses!
    I really appreciate it!
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    Hi Jamie, So sorry for the delayed response. Here's what instructor Cory Czekaj has to say:
    "Spray Pros-Aide lightly into the mold after the barrier has been layed in. Not heavy because it can wrinkle weird and yellow. Let the Pros-Aide set up before introducing the silicone. Otherwise it could be a mess." Hope that helps! All the best, Matt
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    Hey Jamie, 

    Not sure if it'd help, but I have passed the particular de laminating issue by spraying the encapsulator while the silicone was still wet. Just before it comes off, and with several thin layers was able to make it stick. 


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