Finished! Link to Vimeo...


  • Congrats, very good lighting and animation. Thanks for start new thread;)
    Mine just simple one.
  • Thank you! I love the kicking and then popping up into the camera that you did. The wind up gesture for the first kick was excellent!
  • I know I blew through the deadline, but I hope to have some animation exercises posted on Wednesday or Thursday. Looking good so far, Melanie and Banya! Good work.
  • I try another simple shot. 
  • Banya- Your first animation is a bit rough. The zombie pose in the beginning is a bit off balance and the movement  doesn't  communicate anything specific. But the torso falling and the kicking action is a riot. I love the body flying toward the camera and popping up. A very bold action to take on for a first shot. Great start.
    Keep on practicing.

  • Thank you Stephen for your comment, it's my first stop motion lesson, learn a lot form your class. I notice after I play animation that my puppet appear shaking, not sure why, so I adjust timing in AfterFX. If I have more free time from my work, will try again & now my puppet skin start to peel off & some joint start to break as well:(
  • Banya, I think you are discovering that the animation is the toughest part of the art form. Breaking down the movement into the increments that bring the puppet to life is something that will develop the more you do it. You will see what works and doesn't work and you'll know when you got it. As Stephen said, start with simpler movements and work your way up to the hard stuff. Nice effort, keep it up.

  • FANTASTIC!!! Congratulations, Stellan. This turned out great!!
  • Thanks Matt!
  • Stellan, I'd really love to share this video on the Stan Winston School Facebook wall. But link shares don't get nearly the engagement that direct video uploads do. If you're interested, give me your email address and I'll get in touch! 
  • Hello Matt, Thanks! I would love to!
     please, contact me on [email protected]
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