Hi Teresa,
I need to ask about certificate, any cost involve for certificate to post to student who not live in US?


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    Hi Teresa or any person in charge from SW,
    I may be not post question clearly. I mean any cost involve for student to pay additional for posting certificate not in USA because I'm not in USA and any regulation to get certificate? for example, must pass certain quality of work to get certificate?
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    Hi Banya, Online Worskhop students outside the US don't pay extra for their course certification. However, in order to receive an SWSCA certificate, students must complete all homework assignments on time. Those who do so will receive a "Certificate of Completion." Those who demonstrate exceptional skill will receive a "Certificate of Mastery." Please let us know if you have any other questions, Matt

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    Thank you Matt for clarify, I couldn't find this detail anywhere, Banya
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    Happy to help! For all future questions, please contact our customer care team at info@stanwinstonschool.com. Thanks, Matt
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