The Keeper of Cosmic Secrets. Monster submission Two

For my next monster I present The Keeper of Cosmic Secrets...this is currently a work in progress creature and not yet complete, but I hope that the idea is strong (fingers crossed) and shall be pressing forward with it's creation.
It is constructed of aluminium armature wire and foil for the body and copper jewellery wire for the hands and facial tentacles, I hope to be able to attach a marble of some kind to represent a planet coming forth from it head soon, see the bio below for the why of it :) this time I decided to use super sculpey as my medium as I hope to bake it and make a one of a kind maquette.
I also wanted to include two preliminary drawings I did to show it's evolution from the page to sculpture. 

The immense, ageless entity gliding through the eternal void of space, for eons now it's knowledge about the creation of our universe, and the conundrum of life is unparalleled, it was there before our own creation and shall be forever after.
Inside it's colossal tentacled head deep from within it's body it spews forth a planet attached to yet another tentacle a lifeline if you will, this world is as diverse in it's lifeforms as our own, for he is the vessel of life itself, akin to a floating Noah's Ark through the endless black, preserving and protecting life from across the entire solar system.



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