The Onglewomp Maquette bust. Monster submission one.

For my first entry I present my Chavant soft clay bust of a creature that seems to have become my own mascot in my work... The Onglewomp.
Made using aluminium armature wire, and mounted on a stone candle holder to create a more dynamic base, 
I hope to be able to mould this chap as a brush on silicone one piece mould and cast him in a translucent resin in the near future.

A delightfully deceptive creature, lumbering in size yet nimble and fast, standing at 9 feet fully stood up he is quite imposing and is a bipedal ancient beast who despite his passive appearance and expression has a voracious appetite for flesh... of the human kind! shock horror! :# his domain is the woodlands and forests that may very well be at the bottom of your own garden...Beware! he lays in wait of weary travellers and and explorers of his realm and blends into his surrounds with almost chameleon like abilities... cunning, intelligent and not to be underestimated, The Onglewomp watches and  waits for you!
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