simplest tentacle/hand Richard Landon cable mechanism basics

I bought some Nylon Tubing from McMaster Carr, and it doesn't move like Richard Landon gets his to move.  This that I have almost seems, brittle, like its going to stress break at the joints.  I don't see Nylon tubing at Home Depot.  I think what they have is Vinyl, which is too rubbery, and Polyethylene, which doesn't really spring back.  
Does anyone know where to get, and, well, WHAT to get, that has a good return like what is in the tutorial?


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    Christopher VaughanChristopher Vaughan ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi Adam, Nylon is not UV resistant and gets more and more brittle the more sunlight you expose it to. You could have gotten a bad piece ( i like the black stuff at home depot for drip irrigation systems). you can also try Delrin/acetal tubing.
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    Thanks, I'll give the irrigation hose a try.  It looks like Grainger in town has nylon tubing, too.  I can pick it up from there another day.

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