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Excuse me if this has been listed elsewhere (I did search to no avail), I'm watching Jamie Grove's Metallic Paint Techniques

It's been fantastically thorough in most all aspects apart from the actual product haha when it gets down to the metallic he only refers to it as "Shrapnel" there is no brand name or make I can see just the red bottle (used in both section 9 and 20

I've in the past tried Alclad and Spazstix but they are not a very durable finish however my googling has returned no useful results due to the generic name, can anyone point me in the right direction?




  • Hi Luke,

    The Shrapnel paint is by Hard Lifestyle


  • Thank you Chris!
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    In the course 'Real Metal Effects', they choose not to tell you the product used to paint a chrome like finish. I feel that the course should be priced at $45 instead of $60 just for that reason. If I hadn't already known the product being used, I wouldve been upset.
    I think the product they used in the course to achieve a great looking chrome finish is produced by the company known as 'Imperial Surface' and I'm thinking the product used is called 'Alumaluster'.
  • Hi Jonathan, We completely understand your frustration. When we shot this course, there was some sensitivity about sharing the exact brand of paint used. But you are correct, Jamie achieved the chrome finish with Alumaluster by Imperial Surface. We have updated the course materials list with that info for all students to find in the future.
  • Jonathan, yes shrapnel is by Imperial Surface who also makes Alumaluster. Shrapnel is a brighter silver than the Alumaluster, its also a bit cheaper as well.
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