Foam Sculpture

Does anyone have experience with sculpting with expanded polystyrene foam? 

I am starting a new project and I am weighing my options of what to create my sculpture with and I have been researching new methods to sculpt with. I do not want to do clay this time, I am looking for something different.


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    XPS is great to sculpt with but not forgiving to mistakes. Its really fast. A lot of people use great stuff to glue pieces together but Glidden Gripper makes for a great "glue" a little rubbery to cut through with a hot knife or rasp though. Let me know if you have more questions.
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    I used 16 pound expandable foam to do a base for a sculpture and I loved it. If you have a Hotwire cutter I'm sure you could get some good detail (I did not and used a knife and power sander). Also used Great stuff to glue pieces together. The gray is air dry clay to fill in empty spaces cuz I ending up "gluing" pieces of scrap foam together.
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