Muffin Puppet Short Film Test

Hello all!

Last year my wife and I purchased @Bj Guyer 's foam puppet DVD's. I build and muffin and Jane built a cupcake. I soon got the idea to do a "Honeymooners" type short to test out our new video camera. After building the set, I shot a rough test to work out Performance, lighting, angles & set.I was going to wait and post the finished product but I have hit my busy season and the final shoot will have to wait until fall. Here are some stills of the set and puppets. I need to upload the rough cut to YouTube later today and get up here.


  • Here is the test video. Again please keep in mind this is a test and not the final product. Also, @Matt Winston
     and @Erich grey Litoff  what are the legal and use implications of using images from the SWS classes in this production. You can email me at [email protected]

  • I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!!! Let us know when you're ready and we'll make an SWSCA Blog out of this puppet adventure. BJ will be honored. :)

  • Thank you @Matt Winston . I got worried for a minute about copyright infringement. When things slow down, we will start shooting. We loved BJ's class!
  • Ya know the down fall of being creative is seeing these creations in many more dimensions than what the norm may see or hear. This one made me smile more ways than one. 
  • Thank you  @Kahula . We hope to finish the film this summer.
  • Please do. It really looks fun. I'm working on my first puppet, from my first class here at Stan Winston. I must say the classes with BJ have been so well taught. I have found he covers all the bases and even issues that might arise.  I'm not to the point of making a video but I'm having a blast either way.  Thanks so much for sharing your creations. Great people lift each other up and your holding us all to the sky ;)

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