Aeon Calcos Lizardman

This character's name is Aeon Calcos. He is from the game Soul Calibur 3.
It is odd making this post with the finished post being up so long ago, but here is how I made this creature.

The right arm of the Lizard man was fake.
I puppeted the head with my right arm, and carry my axe in my left hand.

The armor and weapons I am made out of EVA foam. For the body I used a method used for making fan Predator costumes. I got a spandex skin suit then spray glued upholstery foam muscles to it. Then I burned textures in with a wood burning tool, added liquid latex, and airbrushed it. 


I didn't want to try this build unless I could find out a way to get the eyes and mouth to move.
So I looked up tutorials on ventriloquist dummies to make the mechanics. Here are the eye controls I made.
I made it with a bunch of stuff I found in the craft part of walmart.
A wooden box, wooden sticks, hot glue, styrofoam craft balls, pumptoothpast cap,some kind of pole hanger, paint mixing stick, metal nuts, duct tape and a metal cloths hanger.


The Abs are a bit different than the original art in the game. I looked around the net and decided I wanted to give it abs like this. 

I also want to try a color scheme simular to the Gillman. While still trying to maintain that iguana look from the game.
The next stop for the body is covering it in latex. 

A gallon can of mold builder latex, and a gallon of monster maker latex.

First test run.


 I made the bottom jaw out of EVA foam.
I sculpted some teeth out of sculpey clay, and a tung from a 2 part rubber mold compound.
I started making the feet by wraping some boots in cling wrap/ platsic wrap. 

Then I pulled stockings over the boots and glued foam to the stocking. 
The I used my burn tool, and scissors to sculpt the foam.

I started the ax. I cut a cardboard tube at 2 angles then put another card board inside to bridge the parts. Next I duct taped the card tubes and spread gap filler foam into the tube to make it dense. I wraped a thin foam over the cardboard handle. The blade was two sheets of EVA foam hot glued together. Next I sealed the foam, painting the ax, then clear coat the ax.

The teeth are made out of super sculpey clay. I burnt them when I backed them. So they are really a dark brown. They took paint well so it was an easy fix.

The head creast is EVA foam I sculpted with a dremil, wood burning tool, and scissors.

The cheeks are a thin white fabric I painted with acrylics, and added perma-wet too.
The neck skin is a fabric.

After tinkering around with the mechanics I put together head to where the eyes move.

Start of the armor. 

Left bicept gaurd.

Right shoulder pad.

Finished body.

Finished Lizardman head with tounge and feathers.





  • Found another one of your awesome full costume builds in the archives so now I am amped you are working on the new project you listed in the Workbench thread. Awesome step by step writeup. This really gives me ideas of what can be done with soft foam. I think the real closer on your projects is your attention to skin textures and tones on your creatures. Wouldn't have believed that was sculpted soft foam instead of a poured foam mold piece. I come across this material all the time.
  • I love seeing all the behind-the-scenes shots of what goes into creating such a complex character/costume.   A lot of different materials and techniques were needed! 

    Awesome work as always!

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