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  • Hello Everybody,


    How is it going. It's amazing to see everyone's work here. Really nice stuff guys. So here's my contributions, he's just the run of the mill everyday soul sucking demon. I didn't know what to do with the back so I left it blank. Also with the eyes, I didn't know which route I wanted to go. I don't know if I want to keep the ears or the nostrils and the mouth is kind of bugging me. I do want his forehead to be armor plated as well for him to have reptilian skin.

    I welcome any and all advice tips and critiques.  



  • Cassie MiilleCassie Miille ✭✭✭
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    Hey guys!

    Here's my work. This is my first time sculpting anything like this, and I have to say I'm obsessed! 
    I sketched out an idea of a more streamlined water creature and it kind of morphed into this bat-esque alien on it's own. I wanted to really focus on the anatomy so I didn't want to go overboard with scales and limbs and what-not. When I'm confident I have my basics down then I'll start sculpting some crazier creatures. I originally wanted to add some more breathing holes on the top of his head in the same shape as his current nose, but it just didn't look right and I'm a big less-is-more kind of girl so I just scrapped the idea. What do you all think? Should I add more dimension to his head? I'm also having problems with the sternum. Something is off, either the bones are out of scale, or the muscle and bone tissues are at the wrong angle. Maybe I need to blend them in more? I can't figure it out! Help!

    Thanks for your feedback!
  • Hi everyone!

    So inspiring pieces! It is a real joy to see all those works and lucky our, to be with Casey supervision, I can't wait to learn more with Casey and hear his suggestions and comments next class.

    This was my first polymer clay sculpture, and it was very difficult to manage this gummy clay. Think I should had tried to dry out the oil a bit, because it is very very soft.

    My Character is a Galactic Alien, with network communications devices incorporated in his flesh, near his nape. He is a good alien, who monitors the Universe and is trying to raise human evolution up to Divine Nature, as Designed by the Creator.

    All the best, Gustavo.
  • Hello there! Well here my monster, I didnt made a sketch, I go direct to Sculpey, I cant wait to use it, to experiment with the unknown matereal, firts seams to me a little difficult but at the end I think I like it very much. I think I will return to the store to buy me a lot more. My design go through differet stages, noses, ears, horns, until I began to like it, my character its not so friendly I think he is always in a bad mood and have a lot of hungry, so you dont want to meet him in person cause you have to run or be part of his menu. Cant wait for Casey comments! Regards Alfredo
  • this is my first sculpture ..please be gentle lol


  • Hi Guy's

    This just crazy all this great stuff to soak up

    and take inspiration from.

    roll on Sunday cant wait. to see what's next.


  • Hi guys... Apologies on the late delivery.  I know I was supposed to have these done Friday night but due to unforseen circumstances I was delayed.  Anyway here's my character so far...
    I'm calling him Demon Jr.
    I've waited on doing the horns and teeth until Casey demos those...
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