Week one Assignment Image Gallery and Videos - POST YOUR WEEK 1 HOMEWORK HERE

In this discussion: Please upload the images (4) of your work by Midnight (12AM PDT) Friday, June 14th, (Latest Saturday Morning). So Casey has time to look at your work and prepare as helpful a critique as possible.

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    Can/should we post pics of sketches/reference shots of what we are basing this week's sculpt on? Personally, I know I would  like to see what others are bringing to life. It kind of adds some excitement to the reveals tomorrow as well. I am looking forward to seeing everyone's work and hearing more from the man himself on Sunday! Hope this finds everyone well. Best, Jason
  • Hi guys!
    I couldn't join the webinar and meet you guys but I got to watch the whole thing after (thanks Chris!). There are so many amazing people here!  Anyway let me introduce myself; my name is Adam and I'm from the island of Borneo. I've always loved special effects and creatures ever since I watched my first movie 'The Dark Crystal'. It was not until Jurassic Park that I really wanted to learn animatronics and make creatures. I watched a lot MovieMagic in primary school and got inspired to make a mechanical hand out of umbrella parts and used layers of glue as skin haha. But I soon learnt that there were no special effects shops/schools here so I went on to study multimedia instead. I've been working as a freelance visual effects artist and worked on 3 local features. I'm now taking a very long break from work so that I can learn all the wonderful things at Stan Winston School :D !

    The creature below is a spirit animal and lives in the forest. He is mostly nocturnal and stays away from humans unless summoned by a shaman, to whom he shares secrets of the forest. He is both feared and respected in the forest as he leads an army of spirit beasts.


  • whats up Adam
    i'm really digging your character and the story behind him i cant wait to see how he turns out 
    thanks for sharing
  • So, this is how far I've got, didn't have that much time this week. I have to find the sketch this is based on again, then I'll upload that, too. It was a bit dark at the time I took the photos so they might be a bit blurry.


    I'm already exited for Sunday!

  • Okay here it is. I didnt have any reference just kind of came to mind. Any critique is welcome.


    I'm a total noob to this but I think I'm going to like it.




    1a.jpg 124.3K
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    4a.jpg 90.8K
  • There all looking good cant wait to see the rest.


  • thanks John :D 
    wow your creature is just mental.the symmetry! can't wait to see everyones work as we progress. :)

  • This is a character from a comic book that has been published that I worked on. This is my second time working with clay and my first time working with Sculpey.
  • Wow, I have some really talented classmates! The posted work is so impressive, I am very humbled. Anyway here is my creature that I based off of the Sream by Munch. I wonder what the character in the painting would look like if he came to life. Originally I didn't have the hands but I feel they an important part of the character development. This is my first sculpture so I am looking forward to learning from you all!
  • Thanks Adam I really appreciate that :) Chris, ronnie and Hanna I'm loving your concepts so far I can't wait to see them finished
  • Hi All

    Well here's my effort still got lots on there I need to alter but im happy so far,

    All the work on here is looking great there is going to be some very nice pieces by the end of this.



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    hi everyone!

    I have to admit it's a little daunting to post as a hobbyist amongst all the talent in this class, but I hope you guys enjoyed this week's assignment as much as I did. 

    This is my attempt at a kitsune, and any advice towards making a more human intelligence apparent in his face would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, see you Sunday!

    *edit- having difficulty with file upload to the board, so here are links to the pics:

  • Great work every body. I like everything so far, can't wait to see the rest.

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  • Hello everyone, 

    Lots of energy flowing in this forum tonight..  ;)
    Loads of really nice work, I'm inspired.

    I've a couple of small projects I was working on. This first one was a practice session. 
    (BoneHead) started off as a head study, in part because I couldn't sign off on a design quickly enough so as not to waste time, I did a sculpt based on some skull anatomy, just to get my mind exercised! In the process of sculpting I started to play with pose ideas. He's mostly roughed out. I may push him further in due course.

  • Hello all !! :)


    This is my ogre mixed with cyclops his name is joe fool ,
    He lives in the cold mountains, the planet it is cold and dark(most of the time)  so he have 4 eyes to see in the dark nights( he cannot turn his neck much because the neck is too strong, so those little eyes help him with this issue) , there is only light in day for few hours, the sun is far away from his planet so doesnt help much. His skin its little bit translucent with blue blood on his veins.

    Eduardo Buffardi
  • Mine creature is a troll. But he is a protector of the weak. His all seeing eye sees for those that cannot. He's steady trollin.
  • Eeerrr, not sure why everything went sideways on me.
  • Hi again,

    Well, here's my main project. She's rough and needs alot of work.
    I'm still making design decisions. One example is the scales
    area on the front of her neck and potentially her breast plate. I'm thinking
    about not doing scales and going with some nice skin textures, detailing and
    wrinkles with bumps etc. 

    For now, i've worked on the main forms. But this is still a work in progress. I'm trying to keep the facial anatomy lose and structured,  so still work to do. No gums or refined lips with teeth protruding out yet, (crocodile style?)  Her eyes are made with milliput. I need to source somewhere I can purchase eyeballs...     www.glasseyes.com is quite good, but they don't seem to sell simple neutral colours.

    General detailing advice and tips on how to approach horns and teeth would be great! 

  • Hey All,
    Hard to believe it is Friday already.
    My piece is of a class of humanoid race from my trans-media project "Monsterwood".
    I have about 4 hours into this piece from tinfoil to this point.

    The race of people are called MAHEEKANU, slender male and female humanoids with
    blue skin and high cheekbones.

    This bust is of a particular class of MAHEEKANU, a ZUMARI SOLDIER. Zumari are Maheekanu whose bodies are covered with purple tattoos and extensive body piercing. Some have amputations, often of the nose or ears.This particular gentleman has removed his lips in order to best show that his gleaming teeth have been filed into spikes.

    I found it challenging to sculpt the character ( my first 3-D adaption of one) without him looking like a zombie or a vampire type creature. My intent is a freakish, evil, but still very "human" being. I have attached a few of my sketches that I was trying to both combine and adapt.

    Thanks for checking it out.

    Looking forward to Sunday!


  • Hi, 

    Incase anyone is interested, I've attached some of my rough character ideas. 
    I had played around with different head sizes for the dragon at one point.  

    all the best,

  • Hi,

    There's some really nice stuff in here.  Good work all.  Here's my Alien for week one.  It still needs a lot of smoothing, and I know I have a lot of detail that needs to be added.  Comments and critiques are welcome.


  • Hey everyone! Here's my piece...

    "This is a plant-based life-form native to Earth, though from an extraterrestrial source. This species landed on this planet around 1760AD, they are of a hive mind and have lost contact with the mind-link that holds them to the rest of their society, and therefore they are trapped. They established large underground societies over time and thrived due to their natural ability to blend into the local foliage. These creatures were mistaken for sprites and fairies by the local human population and ended up being well known throughout popular culture."
  • Hey Guys all of your have great work my character doesnt have a name just yet and from start to where i am at now my creature has been multiple different ideas, but finally found a form the seemed better then the rest hope you guys enjoy. He's unfinished of course but so far he reminds me of a mix between an insect and a turtle.

    -Zack Turner
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    Hello all!

    Here is the progress of my character! I haven't blocked out all of his forms for different reasons but I will get to them eventually! I'm really liking all of the progress photos I'm seeing from you all. See you guys on Sunday!

  • Hey everyone,
    Here is my alien creature his name is Kaleo, I started sketching a bit while sitting in denny's waiting for my breakfast burrito and somehow this came out on the page. I am not as far into it as I would like, it is still just kind of roughed out right now(trying to concentrate on form, thanks Casey) I didn't have much time this week but I am liking it already. 
    I thought I would share a bit about myself also since my computer mic wasn't working when we all last met. It was pretty funny trying to use hand motions to communicate with you guys. My blog spot is creationsofbrogan.blogspot.com where I will be posting some work and my online portfolio. This is my first time working with sculpey but I love to design creatures. I usually work in Wed clay and a little with monster clay. right now this is just a hobby until i figure out how to break into the business. My dream is to be a creature/character designer and conceptual artist, so at the moment I am trying to build my portfolio and learn a bunch from the best in the business so I am so super excited to be here.  thanks guys I love all your designs already they are really inspiring. 

    -Brogan Johnson

  • So many cool designs posted. Here's my piece. I did a ton of sketches. Very freeing as my normal gig is all about being on model. Going to wind up doing a few more after this one.

    Uploader constantly rotates my pics for some reason.
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