Need help with Hair!

Hello guys and gals! 

I am new the SWSOC forums, I have been trying to use real hair/ fur for character sculptures, because i feel ultimately it will be better then sculpting hair out of clay, does anyone know of a good tutorial on ways to apply hair or any good tips/tricks when working with gluing hair to a character? seems the only things i can find deal with punching hair into silicone witch doesn't really help, any info will be much appreciated!! 


Christopher R Notbusch


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    Hi Christopher,

    Are you wanting to punch hair directly into the clay? or are you asking about after the piece is cast in resin? 

    if you are looking to punch the clay we do not have a tutorial yet, however you can punch clay just like foam and silicone.

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    hey! thanks for the quick reply, 

    I make custom sculptures (maquettes)

    using Sculpey, so applying head/face hair to simulate reality on something about 12inches tall and a hard surface, I just cant seem to get the right combo of glue and type of hair to look correct. I am watching the tutorial you linked, I am not sure if the same technique's applies to small scale maquette making tho

    the quest continues! 

    and thanks for all this wonderful content been doing self discovery for years now, to stumble upon this wealth of knowledge is a dream, already seeing significant improvements in my work. keep it up :D
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    I recently found this book: http://www.amazon.com/Creating-Lifelike-Figures-Polymer-Clay/dp/0823015033 which describes in detail using twine that you brush out and dye to make realistic looking hair. I've experimented a bit with it, but I haven't used it in a completed project yet. It seems promising, though.
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    You would probably want to lay the hair onto your sculpture with similar techniques to the tutorial Christopher Vaughn linked.  Only difference would be the adhesive, as you have a bit more flexibility when working on a sculpt vs a human.  I've had good luck using pros aide to lay hair on a sculpt.  It drys clear and can be applied very thin.

    And you can either punch or glue individual hairs around the hair line for some finer detail and blending into the hand laid hair.
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    Will pros aide permanently adhere to the resin? If not does anybody have any other suggestions? I would feel really really bad if I sold a sculpture and all the hair fell off. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I’m feeling a little... well, stuck  ;)
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    Pros aide should be more or less permanent.  I'm not sure how it handles long-term exposure to temperature changes and UV though.

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