Gluing hair to resin?

Hey gang! I've recently started to make life-size resin busts, mostly using Smooth-cast 325 and love it! But I'm wondering what is the best adhesive to use to get a nice natural hairline when gluing hair to resin? Especially for areas such as eyebrows, mustaches, etc. where nice blended edges are vital. I remember reading clear nail glue (for fake nails) works well and it certainly does, but it sets within seconds making it a bit tough to lay hair down that quickly. Any recommendations on materials or techniques would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


  • Hi Evan,

    This is just what I've done in the past, and may not be ideal, but I've done this using Pros-Aide (prosthetic adhesive) on a few projects with good success.  You can powder it with translucent makeup powder when done to remove any tac or shine.  

    Anyone else have any suggestions?

  • Thanks Chris! I appreciate it. I'll try giving Pros-aide a shot and that seems like a great solution as far as working time too. 
  • My pleasure.   One thing I always like to suggest when trying something new is to do a small test first using extra materials or a small test casting.   Thay way you can see how it works without risking your final piece.

  • Will pros aide permanently adhere to the resin? If not does anybody have any other suggestions? I would feel really really bad if I sold a sculpture and all the hair fell off. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I’m feeling a little stuck  :#
  • It should be as permanent as many other adhesives. 

  • Thanks Chris!!
  • Just wanted to pop back in to confirm that Pros-aide works great to glue hair to resin. MUCH better than the clear nail glue I was using. Dries clear, gives a great amount of working time, able to get nice feathered edges, and has a very strong bond. I recently tried it out on my Sloth bust! Thanks again Chris for the great tip!

  • My pleasure, and I'm glad it worked out!  Sloth looks amazing!

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