Muscle Suit Fabrication: Attach, Skin, & Test Muscles - Part 3

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Learn how to fabricate a muscle suit with master creature effects fabricator, Ted Haines (From Dusk Till Dawn, The Muppets, The Bourne Legacy). 

In Part Three of his 3-Part Webcourse series, Haines flexes his FX fabrication skills one last time with professional tips on finishing a foam muscle suit, including attaching and "skinning" muscles, an overview on adding hair and fur, and finally, bringing in a suit performer for a fitting and movement test.

Whether you need to bulk up an actor to fill out a muscular superhero costume or add realistic "under the skin" muscle movement to your animal, monster or creature characters, this webcourse series with one of Hollywood's fabrication experts will show you how to do it right.


  • Foam Muscle Pattern Transfer
  • Adding/Replacing Zippers
  • Sewing Muscles to the Undersuit
  • Covering Muscles with a "Skin Suit"
  • Fur/Hair Overview
  • Performer Testing & Fitting



  • You should do inflated muscle skin suits like from the hulk transformations.  :)
  • This one I like you Stan Winston crew to do with the muscle suits.
  • Hi guys!
    Where is the follow up with fur, legs and neck+ head of the big foot as promised during part 3 please?
  • Hey Julien - Our sincere apologies for the delayed follow-up. We have it on our course wishlist and hope to finally shoot a course to cover this topic soon! As with all of our courses, our teachers are extremely busy working professionals, and it has often taken years to finish some of our more ambitious course series.
  • Oh! It's a bit of a letdown to come to learn it actually never was shot... Anyways, I'm thankful you answered me Matt. Hope we'll have it some day.
    Thank you, & long live SWS! 
  • Thanks for being a part of our creative family at Stan Winston School, Julien! We will definitely cover this topic down the road and we thank you for your patience!
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