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Alien Art Contest Winner Myhlo from Venus by Barthe Florian

If the Stan Winston School team ever had any doubt about the existence of alien life in the universe, it has forever disappeared as a result of our Alien Contest. Your entries were so stellar that we're convinced a few of them had to be inspired by your own close encounters of the third kind. In the end, we had to select a single extraterrestrial to rule the stars (at least until our next alien contest) and the Grand Prize goes to....

Florian Barthe and his clay maquette "Myhlo, alien from Venus!"

See more: http://forums.stanwinstonschool.com/discussion/2454/myhlo-alien-from-venus


Barthe created this multi-limbed ET with sculpting clay, air-hardened and then painted. We think there's something super cool and unsettling about how he combined the familiar (human-like hands) with something completely alien (that face!!). Thanks again to all of you who submitted so many out-of-this-world creations!

-Team Stan Winston School


See more: http://forums.stanwinstonschool.com/discussion/2454/myhlo-alien-from-venus

Please join us in congratulating Florian on winning the Grand Prize!



Joseph Drobezko - Alien Ambassador
The galaxy's newest alien ambassador (and my first character sculpt)! Made with silicone. Lighting effect done in-camera.


Josh Crockett - Alien Submission 2

See more: http://forums.stanwinstonschool.com/discussion/2359/alien-submission-no-2



Arnaud Lonys - Alien Wanderer

See more: http://forums.stanwinstonschool.com/discussion/2482/alien-wanderer

Here is my first submission for the alien contest, the alien wanderer. Enjoy!


Chris Calver - Aquatic Alien Latex Mask

See more: http://forums.stanwinstonschool.com/discussion/2441/aquatic-alien-latex-mask

A display mask I made while studying at The Adelaide College of the Arts last year. The markings are based on a male Mandarin Fish. Latex reinforced with fiberglass sheet and airbrushed with Liquitex inks.


Andrew Cook - Doug the Alien
A ship pilot...in his off time enjoys sculpting weird human faces, also enjoys salt & vinegar chips and illegally streaming movies.

Josh Crockett - Evil Alien Pope
Here's a recent design I created that I thought would make for a good entry into the contest.
Marc Opdycke - Interstellar Vampunk

See more: http://forums.stanwinstonschool.com/discussion/2413/interstellar-vampunk

Sculpey pre bake painted with watercolors.
Michael Vanbenschoten - Mantid
This guy was an experiment for myself in blending arthropod and vertebrate forms and generally just playing around with anatomy. The part that I found to be the most fun was flipping the hips backward and trying to make that work. Sculpted in Monster Clay it is approximately 16 inches long.
Jason Vines - Sir Wallace
This is Sir Wallace. He's a hyper-intelligent amphibious marsupial from the planet Zartron. He's made out of Super Sculpey and has marbles for eyes.

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