Maaike Snoep

I'm on my knees, bowing to all of you amazing GODS of creation!! I'm learning so much!! Mahalo! Yet, I'm on a mission... I'm doing silicone (applications: got that down) but would like them to be gold, silver or even chrome.. how would I go about that?  I got silcpig, yet there are no metallic colors. I have cast magic silver bullet, but (although never tested it) I'm afraid it will not be diluted correctly for airbrush application. (thinned with toluene) I buy my products from smooth-on, yet I'm very open for other suppliers of colors/materials And same question for urethane (appliances) metallics... And latex foam Anybody has recommendations? Very much appreciated for your time! Have a marvelous day, Maaike Snoep



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