Raptor puppet

Being as my final result will hopefully be a wearable raptor suit, I decided to start small and make a raptor puppet similar to one of these:


This would serve as a proof of concept for fabricating the overall shape and painting of the future larger suit.  I hope to have some sort of "tentacle" mechanism to control the neck, head, and mouth. 

I was planning on getting a raptor toy and cutting it into slices and enlarging it to the appropriate size to make the general shape.  (similar to how the jurassic park video shows the studio making the t-rex bigger).  I am going ot aim for a total length of about 48" with tail.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?


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    Hey Anthony,
    Using a toy to get a pattern is a good start but I would use that for the foam form only. Usually toys are made for strength and manufacturers don't mind if seams are seen. If you are covering it with Antron fleece or another fabric I recommend the draping and pinning method. This allows you to hide seams and get the snug fit. Just a suggestion. Love to see your work when your done. 
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    antron fleece as in muppet fur?
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    Sorry I misread your post LOL Why don't you get the Ted Haines series on building a T-rex? 
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    ive been watching it and I've been thinking of using what he shows, except for the enlarginf part) to make the puppet.  Problem is a 4' long deinonychus (actually bigger than a raprot) has a small torso.  scale picture attached.

    The yellow lone in the side view of the deinonychus is only 5.75" high.  Nevermind how skilly it is according to the top view.It's like a mean chicken with a long tail and murder claws.  I sourced the picture from a sketch by Scott Hartmann.

    Maybe I need a better source for scale drawings or is the consensus that they were so skinny and long?

    Even this Greg Paul Velociraptor reconstruction (2010):

    shows them as so skinny.  I get under 5 inches at the shoulder width.  I was going to make the neck a cable tentacle but this changes everything. 

    To get even a 100" high torso I'd need to be carrying an 8' puppet.  Albiet half that is the tail.
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    I meant to get a 10" high toso, not 100".  That'd be way too big.
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    Were you planning to make this out of upholstery foam? I'm working on my own foam suit and I thought to jump on the forums to see if I can learn anything.
    I hope your work is coming along smoothly.

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    I would say, if trying to replicate the "Ted Haines" style,  pulling a pattern would be much more beneficial than cutting up a toy.  If you want to recreate the slicing and expanding Jurassic Park style, I would suggest finding (or creating) a digital maquette.  Then bring that file into Autodesk 123D Make (free!) which will slice it into the pieces for you.  Very easy process which I use quite often.  Good Luck.
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