*** Halloween Costume Contest Winner Announcement ***

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Seeing all your amazing costumes this Halloween was a real treat, but the trick was picking just one for the grand prize.  

Our minions have been locked away in the dungeon reviewing all your creations, and after much deliberation they have selected...

Eric Jarman and his costume "Armored Kantus"

To create this beautiful and terrifying beast Eric used foam fabrication, cast hardware, digital sculpting, laser cutting, and 3D printing.  His costume is a great example of combining multiple disciplines and techniques to bring a character to life.

Thanks again to all of you who submitted so many outstanding costumes!

-Team Stan Winston School


Click for more: http://forums.stanwinstonschool.com/discussion/2082/armored-kantus

Please join us in congratulating Eric on winning the Grand Prize!


Barreto Neto - BioShock Big Daddy
HI, folks! This is actually my very first post in the school, and I would like to start by showing off the BioShock Big Daddy costume I made here in Brasilia, Brasil, in the span of 14 days, from beginning to end. The drill rotates and the lights on the dome are changeable from yellow to red and vice versa.  In it, I am about 2.25 meters tall, it´s about seven foot six, roughly.

Johanna Otto - Female Lord of Change, Disciple of Tzeentch

See more: http://forums.stanwinstonschool.com/discussion/2033/female-lord-of-change-disciple-of-tzeentch

Hi  guys! I am thrilled to see all the fantastic work here, so inspiring! I am a costume construction student in Wellington, New Zealand and this is my graduation project. She is a Lord of Change,  modelled  after an illustration from Warhammer - The Age of Reckoning. The mask is fully articulated as you can see in the two short videos. I loved working on this project, it was fantastic to be able to immerse myself so completely into the recreation of tiny details and trying to figure out which materials to use, especially since we had to stick to a very tight budget. :) We were allowed to spend NZ$ 200 on store bought materials and were given an allowance of NZ$80 on stock we had in the workroom (mostly fasteners, interfacing...) so all in all NZ$280 for this baby and I am happy that I could pull it of! Big challenge with a big reward! Looking forward to see more great work here!!


Kyle Tetz - The Alien Controlling a Robot

See more: http://forums.stanwinstonschool.com/discussion/2117/the-alien-controlling-a-robot

I took on a large Halloween project and this was my first time using L200 foam, creating latex masks/molds, electronics with voice changers/speakers, making a vacu-form mold and custom painting.  I grew up loving Halloween and each year I expand my knowledge building unique costumes. I went to the extreme this year to see what I could accomplish.  Hope you enjoy.

Laura Mercer - Goren Garb
See more: http://forums.stanwinstonschool.com/discussion/2147/goren-garb

Hello! First time posting here. This is my costume that I made using Ted Haines tutorials. I loved watching him make the giant foam T-Rrex and learning the technique he used. I got the monster building bug and just had to build this creature! This is a Goren from World of Warcraft concept.

Laurent Canniccioni - Rivet Robot Halloween Costume
Hello Trick or Treaters! I'm a sculptor and prop maker from Montreal and I love nothing more than making cool Halloween costumes! When this year my 5 year old daughter told me she wanted to be a robot (a long lasting obsession of hers) I was not going to disappoint her! A brief search on the internet quickly informed me that most parent's idea of a robot costume is a square box wrapped in tin foil, so I decided to create something that was as far away as possible from that.

Richard Weston - 'Sauralien' (sor-alien) Costume
This is an original alien sculpted then cast in silicone and painted. The costume elements are also original with a latex covering and painted. Visually this was inspired by various dinosaur, lizard, turtle and fish reference animals.

Billy Jones - Gears of War Locust
This is my Gears Of War Locust. Everything was made by me except the gloves which were made by Niko from Faceoff. In the suit I'm about 6'5", normally I'm 5'8. The armor is all EVA foam as well. The face was sculpted and cast in latex with a Flex Foam-iT! 3 backing.

Martin Quarz - Chaos Chosen
Happy Halloween! These are pictures from the costume of my Chaos Chosen. Everything is designed and build by myself (except the chainmail). The armor is made out of kevlar reinforced plastic. The weapon is foam with latex and LED lights inside. Hope you like it! We must use the Chaos inside of us to create things out of the order!

Steven Smith - Isaac Clarke - DEAD SPACE Level 3 Armored Suit
Hey everyone my name is Steven K Smith (aka SKS Props) and I would love to show you all my DEAD SPACE Level 3 armor set. I absolutely love the first DEAD SPACE and knew that Isaac must be brought to life. This costume was constructed out of resin, styrene,  wonderflex , EVA foam, faux leather, cloth, blood, tears, and super glue. The entire costume took approx. 300 hours and 3 months to complete, including his iconic weapon the Plasma Cutter. I am also big into giving back tips and tricks to the community. So you can see my entire build log for this costume on the Instructables website here: http://www.instructables.com/id/DEAD-SPACE-Isaac-Clarke-Level-3-Suit-Complete-Cosp/
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