Which lifecasting product?

Can anyone suggest a product for life casting?  I am looking to cast my head and at least my hands. 

I have been looking at Body Double® SILK from Smooth-on.

Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance


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    Body Double is a great product for that.  

    You can also use PlatSil Gel-10.

    I also recommend using a thickener so your 2nd (and up) coats are more like peanut butter.  This helps you fill in voids and smooth out forms so your mold jacket will slide on and off easier.

    And if you only want to get 1 or 2 quick parts out of the mold you can save a lot of money and go with alginate.  Though I rarely ever use alginate as you can never bank on getting a second part out of the mold, it shrinks as it dries, and I like to keep molds around for future projects.

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    Good point. 

    Does alginate dry enough to be a problem or only a little bit?  If it doesn't shrink that much it might not be a problem if I'm just using it to make a master head cast.

    Although being as rubber doesn't really shrink and lasts allot longer, I think the rubber is better.  In your experience, is a 1.7lb (body double silk) or 2lb (PlatSil Gel-10) enough for a head?  The head casting has a higher priority than the other body parts.

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    About 1lb of Gel-10 is average for a face cast (not the whole head or neck) and a pint kit is usually good for that.

    In the life casting video below, Mitch uses a little under half a gallon to make a full head cast.

    A gallon of water is 8.34 pounds, so half a gallon is roughly 4lbs.  So I would go for around 4lbs of silicone.  Always better to have a bit extra handy in case you find you need a bit more coverage.  And every life cast is different based on the subject's anatomy and how far down the neck/shoulders you choose to cover.


    The video above is from a company called "Brick in the Yard Mold Supply," which has a lot of great tutorials on YouTube.  They are also a good source for Gel-10 if you are not in a location like LA where materials like that are more readily available.

    If you want even more detail, this tutorial on life casting covers everything in depth.

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    I was actually looking to get the life casting lesson.
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    It's great as it covers both silicone and alginate.  Lot of useful tips as well.  I got a lot out of it myself.

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    Here is what I think I'm gonna use.
    1 x Body Double SILK - Trial Size

    1 x Body Double Fast Set - Trial Size

    the silk kit is 1.7lbs and the fast set kit is 2lbs.  That brings me to 3.7lbs.  I only intend to go down about 4" past the neck, not down the chest.
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    Cool, that sounds like it should work for you!

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