• The skin is bed sheets seen together and painted with spray paint and some airbrushing. The structure is pvc, 2x2's, and old patio cushions. 
    The head neck and mouth movement is by strings and Swiffer mop heads. Lights are from a toy car and laser pointers in the eyes. The eyes them selves are painted motorcycle turn signals. 
  • brutal.  in a good way
  • Nice.  I love how you used so many different materials to pull it off!

  • Thanks. I appreciate it. It came together in about 4 and half weeks and cost me 250 dollars. It's 13' long and over 6'tall. 
  • Is there video of the final project in motion?
  • Wonderful work - and congrats on looking at other solutions for the skin etc.,

    Too often we are lured in to the 'professional' market of expensive silicone's and foam latex. Plus the necessary infrastructure to work with them. 

    Likewise we sometimes forget that because we are working right next our creations we can see every little imperfection - where someone looking from 5 feet away would never notice.. or ignore altogether with the surprise of seeing your creation.

    Sometimes it takes a 'low budget' but brilliantly done creation to make us remember that it's the skill and imagination behind the concept - not the cost of the products that made it.
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