Return of the Living Dead Tarman Costume

Here is my full body Tarman costume from Return of the living dead. It was created over a lyrica bodysuit, hot as hell but i'm getting a lot of good reactions from it.  


  • Nice!
    How did you achieve the molten, trippy plastic / tar effect?
  • Love that character!  Great job.

  • thanks guys, To get the drippy effect I would pour latex down a smooth surface let it dry and peel it up. After I painted it black and coated it with a glossy sealer. 
  • Thanks Patrick :-)
    I thought that it might just be latex! Easy way well done!
  • That's awesome! I'm guessing its too much to ask if someone cracks you in the head with a 2x4 if it will fly off. My only suggestion is to maybe add something like an artificial water effect to get the wet look of the origional tarman. Still, an amazing job.
  • To make flexible things shiny I love to use liquitex high gloss gloss varnish.  Keeps things nice and wet looking for years and goes through an airbrush nicely.
  • I actually made a severed head of the mask to keep around my house in tribute to the head knocking off scene. I'm gonna try the liquitex high gloss varnish, the stuff I used adds a semi nice effect but not quite what I had in mind. Thank you guys for the awesome comments 
  • Very cool
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