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  • Hi, here's what roughly what I have so far. 

    Character sketches: (the first is more a chunk of ideas back when I was still deciding the second's of the character)

    Reference images: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cweq8p7r9b1so64/Opossum references-01.png?dl=0

    Blueprint: https://www.dropbox.com/sc/3l41m1rl262lspa/AAAd5OdhB6UaiITLzjIPoCOea

    I apologize for the poor quality image I had trouble with lighting this week. 
    I drew it at around 32in tall though I think I'm going to shorten it to around 30in when I sculpt the body. That way it works better with my height.

    I was wondering if it'd be better to sculpt the hand that has to hold the guitar bent or in a relaxed position then bent later?

    Right now I'm still waiting on some of the materials I ordered to arrive though I don't think it'll be much longer before they arrive and I can finish sculpting and mold all the parts.

    Here's the head sculpt. I've been mostly trying to figure symmetry though I'm hoping to start adding detail soon. My biggest concern right now is I'm not really sure if it's big enough or not though it seems to match up fair with my drawing on the blue print as far. 

    Sculpt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6plr1ddhv6nrlg0/Ernest head turnaround.png?dl=0
  • While I awaited some supplies to arrive this week I was able to do some fur dying experiments with some scraps I have around the house. I think it came out pretty well the fur seems to look fairly opossum like. 


    I also was able to get the torso prepped for molding though due to issues it won't be molded till I get back from a supply run this weekend though I picture having most of the body ready for the mold when I get back so I can mold them all at the same time.
    I was also able to prep some fabric joints. 
    If things work out I should have everything I need for mechanizing the head when I get back home 
  • I swear the weather or some force is against me. The hurricane that affected the coast dropped our temperatures into low 50s. So far of the foam I've only had one piece turn out though even it didn't cure all the way. I'm going to keep trying though I think I'll probably get some rigid foam from the store to carve just in case none of my foam casts come out. Tomorrow the temperature's supposed to be in the 80s so I'll actually be able to do some casting outside. If I can help it I'm going to try and get at least the head, hands, feet ready by the end of the day. ((sorry for the poor picture quality.I'll try to get some better pictures soon)) 

    Doing what I can till I successfully have a body I went ahead and got part of the controller and the leg bar cut. Along with the piece the leg bar hangs on.

    The arms were cut from some scrap material and are all ready to be installed on the hands and torso. The hip pieces are prepped as well. Though I don't have a picture of them.

    The tail is done complete with a eyelit installed. Currently it has a wire core though I'm planning to fix a piece of scrap delrin rod I have from a costume to go in instead. Overall it's ready to be installed though.  I was wondering with it having to be strung probably at the end of the controller how should I fix it so I can make it move if I want?

    I have plans to try and get the ears wet felted soon though the initial form I was going to use didn't come out but, I think I may have another way figured  that'll work. 

    I realize the costume's the last piece I should be worrying about though last week while I was waiting on supplies I went ahead and modified some old bibs and a t-shirt I've had around so I actually felt like I was being productive. All that's left is the hole for the tail. Aside from that I don't really picture needing to do much more to it than rolling up the legs though I could be wrong either way it'll wait.

  • Had a good day, it was actually hot enough to et some molds made. The sun actually melted some of my clay before it could get molded. Tomorrow I'm going to get the remaining molds done and do the resin pieces. I'll probably also try the foam again if I have time. To save on materials I decided to go with a brush-on mold instead however.

  • The past couple days went pretty fair. I was able to get the mother molds done. I also got to finish dying the fur, redid the molds for the foam again. I also got to do the casts for the leg, a foot and the head in Smooth-on's featherlite. I think the head came out well for the first pull. Though I can see where the clay melted when I was applying the silicone. I think the foot came out well as well despite the bubble in one toe and all but one claw breaking off. I'm feeling confident that the next cast will come out better and I'll finally be able to start assembling Ernest. Hopefully the other molds will come out just as well. 
    At the moment I'm also getting ready to carve some floral foam just in case the next foam cast doesn't come out.

  • I tried my absolute hardest working on it from the moment I woke up to get it completed, the performance filmed and uploaded by midnight though that didn't seem to be in the cards this time. Most of the mechs in the head would be ready then they'd just fall out or shift so they didn't fit anymore. 
    Though I am happy at how much came together in such little time. If only every day or more days of gone as well as today.  
    To my good fortune the foam finally cured after like 5 attempts through the course of the class. In no time after I demolded it I was able to assemble the body and attach the tail. Though I'm still thinking of altering the tail's core to delrin rod and a smaller piece of wire for attaching. 
    I had managed to get the joints attached along with the legs, arms,hands and feet. 
    The controller was completed minus stringing as well. 

    After some sleep I'll complete it and get the video done and uploaded tomorrow or I guess technically today given it's 3am here. 
    Despite all the challenges I've had through out the course; I have enjoyed every moment of this class. Thank you Scott Land and everyone at the Stan Winston School of character arts for the opportunity. I've never felt more inspired or excited to learn and create.

  • You are totally awesome, Lindsay!  I'm so glad I got to 'hangout' with you before classes!
  • Today I got delayed on stringing due to problems with the mechs. The brass tubing kept falling out when I was fixing the eyes in place. Though I'm more than positive I'll be able to get it strung and the video performance posted tomorrow.
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