What is the "wet foam" technique?

I did not get to participate in the foam costume fabrication seminars but noticed that a couple of the participants referred to finishing their foam costumes with a "wet foam" techniques for a realistic texture.

What is this wet foam technique, and how can I learn about it? I've done a web search as well as a search of this forum, but have not found anything on it. Any direction would be much appreciated.



  • Hey Michael, We'll be releasing a mini-tutorial about the wet foam technique using footage from Ted's webinar. Look out for it! -Matt

  • Thanks, Matt!

    When do you expect it to be up and running, and when will the 3rd installment of Ted's dinosaur sculpt be available?

    Thanks for the cool resources, even for us dreamers...

  • Hey Matt,
    I also have also heard the term "wet-foam" a few times, and dont know what it means.
    I will be looking forward to the mini how-to tutorial, but in the mean time would you mind giving a basic idea of what it means.
  • Hi Mikey,

    "wet foam" is basically  using foam latex without a mold.

  • I remember them talking about it in the intro of Ted's webinar, but I still don't understand.

    It is like the Matrix. You have to see it to truly know what it is.

  • look forward to finding out too! love the matrix quote!!
  • *Whimpers* Still waiting Matt...
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