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  • Thanks, The class was great.  Before it I had never modeled in 3D, never 3D printed anything, never coded for with arduino. Now I am doing all those things. 

    They are actually the same size as your design but the closeup angle of the iphone adds 10 pounds. 

    However, this brings up a good point because I have been asked to build a larger scale for a puppet.  Are there any larger servos you would recommend for bigger scale? I think I'm going to double it in size.
  • A great workhorse servo in the mid size category is the JR DS3421... I love that servo...
    For super big I love the standard size Airtronice 94780 it's pricey but it will break bones and is super durable
  • David:  Have you played much with digital or dynamixel servos?  Pricy, but some really great features.

    I'm using digital servos in one of my animatronics projects and I love being able to define limits, default positions, etc. on each servos.   And being able to reverse the servo direction without having to change a transmitter profile or code is amazing.

    I've yet to dive into the dynamixel world due to the price (was not about to buy 12 of those for my current project) but I really want to play with them next.

  • Yeah I do love them... Ive never been able to find a suitable project so I just bought a bunch of the small and full sized ax servos to play with.... I wish I had a way to justify buying some of the more expensive models.... they move beautifully...I saw mark Setrakian's art piece at the LA convention center a couple of weeks ago and those dynamixels moved beautifully. .. I don't remember the name of the piece but it's the robotic finger mech spinning the globe...you know the one...
  • Mark's work is absolutely amazing.  Axis is hypnotizing, I could watch it for hours.


  • His stuff is amazing. Love how natural the action is, all flow

  • Got my parts back from the 3D printer. Looking forward to hooking this all up with servos :D I'll probably take the arduino approach

  • Those parts look great, super exciting!

  • I just bought parts of RC Helicopters from HeliDirect online and I am really very satisfied from what they have to offer at great pricing.  o:)
  • It's been a great time for animatronics with the influx of inexspensive servo and parts from the R/C arena.
    I also use parts from hobby robitics as I find the 24 and 32 servo controllers very good for testing movements. One I like is the Lynxmotion SSC-32u which handles 32 servos and can easily be controlled via USB, or a small reciever all for about $50.
    Certainly saves on on a transmitter for geting things right.
  • very inspiring tutorial, finding this one on the web made me discover the school and join up, thank you! Are there .stl files downloadable anywhere for this project? I'd like to try and model it eventually, but first would like to print and put one together to understand how it all works and to give me a project to learn some Arduino coding.
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