Kazu Rubber Tube

Just finished watching Latex Mask Painting with Tim and Casey. I wanted to know where I can get my hands on those tubes they had on their airbrush cups. Tim mentions Kazu created them but where can I find one?



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    Hi Loraine,

    I'll reach out and see if I can get more information on the rubber tube for you.


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    Hi Loraine, Here's some advice from course instructor, Tim Gore:

    Hey there, it's interesting how simple it is. It's just a short piece of rubber tubing warmed up and shoved onto the color cup on the airbrush. Buy a foot-long piece of tubing, and you will have enough to make many. Take your color cup to Ace Hardware or Home Depot and have someone help you. Adding the tubing merely expands the amount of paint to air pressure ratio, thus allowing the correct spatter volumisation
    Hope this helps,
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