What's in your dream shop/lab?

If you could build out your own shop/lab, what would you make sure to include? A vacu-form machine? How about an adjustable height work bench? Shop stools with coaster wheels? A nice air compressor? Would your shop be in your home, a tricked out garage space, or a nice Home Depot shed with options for ventilation and temperature controls and a fridge stocked with cold beverages and tasty snacks? Or maybe a rented storage space where you'd bring a cooler and a portable power supply/generator?
I like the idea of having a shed tucked into the corner of my back yard situated such that good ventilation is achieved. A wall-mounted spray-paint rack and shelving for other supplies. A tool chest on wheels, I hate having to hunt for tools. They're never where they're supposed to be. I'd like two work benches, to accommodate a couple stages of projects at a time. And a mannequin/human form, something that'll assist for fabricating wearable garb.


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