What are your favorite in-camera makeup effects?

We just released a new course on glow-in-the-dark makeup and wanted to see what other in-camera makeup effects inspire you.

Do you have a favorite makeup that uses additional in-camera effects like LEDs, bladders, retroreflective materials, electronics, etc? 

Share your favorites with us here!



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    I have been amazed by the shadowing and highlighting techniques found on beauty blogs where the persons face is reshaped without prosthetics. I didn't know the brain could be so easily influenced by these tricks but the before and afters look like completely different bone structures. I would love to see a full course on this facial camoflage.

    I have really enjoyed testing the taping and gluing tricks to temporarilly reshape features, higher eyebrows, gobbler, earlobes etc. but would also love to find a full range of techniques on reshaping lips, fullness, outline, oral safe temporary filler (like a gelatin plug to place in the mouth behind the lip).

    I have been working on a gelatin mix with tint and reflective grains, in an attempt to create a far more translucent flesh. Something that will light up under a black light or full UV. Wishing to create a useful aquatic flesh effect with some possible irridescents.
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