Tinting foam latex

What kind of pigments--preferably cheaper than monster makers--can I use to tint foam latex while whipping?


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    You can use almost any water-based pigment, however, how much you add and how it impacts your foam will vary based on the formula and manufacturer.

    For what you get, the Monster Makers pigment is reasonably priced, as pigments are often expensive or in quantities that are larger than you may need/want. 

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    I just ordered the tint from MM. It's not too expensive, just didn't want to shell out double for shipping cost, but a little should go a long way.
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    Yes, my anxiety climbs when I pay the piper. Shipping on a small amount is grating on my soul but the larger amounts, ironically, sonetimes get free shipping because of the dollar amount. Did you already find the courses on tinting?
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