Gorgeous Las Vegas Showgirls Marionettes 40" tall - 9 Showgirls Kickline

These Gorgeous Las Vegas Showgirls Marionettes were built in three sets of three creating a nine showgirl kickline.  These are called tandem marionettes, where two puppets or more are hung and controlled on the same controller.  Each part of these beautiful ladies was sculpted in clay, molded in silicone, and cast with hollow resin parts.  The design of the costumes came from actual showgirl costumes from a show in Las Vegas called, "City Lites," that ran for 14 years at the Flamingo Hotel.  Each of the nine girls has different face makeup, different skin tone, and a few different nationalities thrown in as well!  LOL!  They exhibit the feathers, rhinestones, glitz, glamour, and elegance of the classic Las Vegas Showgirl.  They were sculpted from memory of girls I've worked with in the past.  Any resemblance to someone you know is purely coincidental and envied!!  LOL!!


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