Old Tree

One of my biggest projects to date. A friend of mine, Grant (who is a Bassist for the band “The Holtzmann Effect”) reached out to ask if I could design and create a forest dweller creature for one of their singles, “Old Tree”. Grant himself would be the actor and director of this specific music video.


Collaborating with Grant was wonderful because we both dream big when it comes to spitballing ideas and my design mockups for the protentional look were quite quickly settled upon.

This was my first full-body costume design and makeup that I attempted on someone else (other than myself). There were a lot of working parts to this character, so please feel free to ask questions!

On Set: Behind the Scenes

Set day was a blast. I drove 3 hours to the location and got right to work. Putting the whole look together and getting to participate further on the forest set with the videographers and fellow band members was a great experience. It was also amazing to see how seamlessly this character blended within the forest setting.

It was an honor to be trusted with their character and costume design for “Old Tree”. One year later, after the original music video release, “Old Tree” won the 2023 Electric City  Music Conference / Steamtown Music Awards for “Music Video of the Year” back in September.

@theholtzmanneffect Music Video

Grant Williams: Bassist for The Holtzmann Effect and “Old Tree” actor and Music Video Director

Lead Singer: Tyler Zeiss

Guitar: Tyler Salak

Drummer: Cody

Novro Studios: Music Production & Videography @novro50 and @sarahjanevideo


Making of the prothetics and costume for "Old Tree":


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    I will likely stumble over my words here. The steps to the end result seem not the sum total of the end result. The wow factor of seeing the creature interacting with the forest...... serious tingle. This is hair raising and so goooood. Huge applause on the final video cut. You should be walking on air about now. 
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    Thank You Darrell! It was so amazing to see all the odds and ends finally come together and in action. It also was a first having any of my work professionally filmed, so it was a thrill!

    The hardest part about all of this is that my client/actor lived 3 hours away and our schedules were so different we couldn't do any physical measurements or test fittings prior to the the actual shoot day. He had to email me from head to toe to fingertips all his body measurements... and there were a TON! From there on out was nerve-wracking because I had to calculate stretch and shrinkage alongside the materials I was using (specifically for the top and pants of the costume. Until he had everything on his body for the first time on shoot day, did my nerves finally settle down ha. Like you said, I was definitely walking on air when I saw the final video!
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