Questions about the Fat suit

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I watched the Stan Winston tutorials on making a fat suit and I have some questions.
  1. Do I put on the batting before or after the upper belly?
  2. Is the amount of batting depending on how big you want the fat suit?
  3. I want the suit to have a noticeable jiggle effect how can I give it that?
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  • I am not sure I understand question 1 as I saw the Dawn tutorial and batting is in sections and IS the belly in the belly section. Closed pouches of batting. So I apologize if I am misunderstanding that.

    Question two though is two part for if batting increases size. In Dawn's method the pattern of the sections, the finished sewn pillowcases, would somewhat determine the ultimate limit to size but are capable of some size differences based on batting fill. Unless you are referring to putting extra layers of batting beneath the pillow sections. I did not see that so am assuming all batting goes inside sewn sections. (again, my take on the course). Extra batting would add some extra size but at some point would just make it tighter and not realistic because the sewn pillow would need to be also bigger to begin with.

    Question three in Dawn's course is covered where she talks about adding the weighted fill. I honestly can't remember if it was plastic pellets or something else but the go in near the bottom of pillow aections to cause a hanging effect.

    A true jiggle would be silicone and is a completely different process. A fat suit of cloth and pad, even with the weighted pellets will not jiggle. Using an elastic material vs a stiff cloth would add slosh and sway with some experimentation but true jiggle would be accomplished with silicone and it is excessively heavy for a fat suit.

    Good luck on your creation. Will be following your post to see other input.
  • Thanks any materials you recommend that will give me the jiggle effect I need?
  • You can get some jiggle using pouches filled with styrofoam as covered in

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