Rubber Cement Paint (Non Toxic Solvent)

Hello SWS & Fellow Monster Makers!!
Does anyone know any non toxic/orderless solvents that can thin rubber cement paint? I really would like to use this paint method for painting latex mask castings. I've stayed away from it because of the fumes Naptha gives off. Any suggestions would be vastly appreciated.  -Matthew M. Lopez-

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  • Hi Matthew,

    Sadly I don't know of any non-toxic solvents that are strong enough to break down rubber cement. 

    With safe use practices  (PPE, good ventilation, etc) working with Naptha is safe, however, I can understand that for folks working out of their home, it can be a challenge.  In that case, it may be best to work outside if possible.


  • Hey Matthew, I just read a tutorial over at the The Monster Makers site, that covers using D-limonine to thin down rubber cement for latex mask painting. It’s made from oranges, so non-toxic. They also suggest mineral spirits which aren’t. Here’s a link:

    Hope this helps,

  • Be very careful with orange or citrus cleaners if you are intending to just thin something as it acts as a bleaching agent as well. We used it solely for removing all adhesive residue from car vinyl but found that any remaining on the vehicle would bleach the color from our newly added 4 color (cmyk) print stickers. Within 3 days the stickers would be blank. I don't know the chemistry there but usually a true solvent or thinner does not also bleach. But, I don't know if it just slowly removed the colors via continued thinning? Just a guess but they looked bleached white afterward.
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