Howl’s moving castle (family costume)

9 months ago, My wife and I had our first baby together. We’re manned her Sophia, and of course this Halloween, we HAD to dress her up as her heroine’s names sake from the anime movie Howl’s moving Castle.

So I got to do a costume I’d been hoping to do for a while. I made and crafted turnip head out of foam and fabric, and then thrifted most of the rest. I could  see Very well through the teeth mesh and had a wonderful time hoping around in character. 
I also made my wife a 3D printed shovel with small fan and light inside to make Calcifer for her (gender swap) Howl costume. Most of hers was admittedly sourced because it was more economical with my time to focus on the other elements. But I am very proud of Calcifer.
Lastly, we had a friend join us as our third wheel, when Sophie went down for bed, as Markl. I made him a cloak with a beard hidden in the hood so that he could “practice his magic” with us at the Halloween party. Over all we made a good team and looked great together.


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    First: great group project.

    Second: oh wow that beautiful baby!!

    Third: I had no idea that person was crouching until the last picture.
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